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Our Services start the moment we receive your request. Our well-trained staff starts to make a real effort to find you the best candidates by heading to the following:

1-Our updated Data Base.

2-Advertisement in the local newspaper & at our web site.

3-Contact with some Government & non-Government organizations.

4-Head Hunting.

All the received (CV’s) is to be prepared & reorganized in a very neat way,

Backed and sent to your end by express courier or e-mail within a very short period and with accordance to your urgent demand.

We expect to receive a feedback from your client end, concerning those applications, your opinion, comments & a shortlist for the most proper candidates for Interview.

We’ll make all the necessary arrangements for your client representatives while conducting the interviews in our office in Amman.

Then we work on the visa follow up with Saudi consulate for the selected candidates until their deployment to your end. (Arabian Gulfrecruitment co. authorized by the Saudi consulate)

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