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Every day we publish many new opportunities that cover all categories of employment at all levels. In many countries.

All the received open vacancies from our clients to be posted in our site, in details, please read all and post your resume for the best fitting for your qualification & experience.

We’ll keep your e-mail address in our data base, as we’ll keep you posted in all new opening.

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Target Recruitment company proud to submit this Page Greeting to the Jordanian people and all companies operating within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, where we will publish all the advertisements for companies operating in Jordan free of charge, candidates can apply for these opportunities directly to the company declared to fill these positions.

All companies operating in Jordan are welcome to send us their Advertisements to:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


About Arabian Gulf

Arabian Gulf Recruitment Company is the Jordan’s pioneer employment expert offering a full range of recruitment solutions to guide & assist businesses and individuals choose their way in the contemporary world of work, simply we do deliver recruitment & career services to employees and individuals across the employment lifecycle

We have 15 years of hand on experience in the Gulf Region  within areas including: staffing and recruitment; training; HR services; outsourcing and consulting.

Arabian Gulf Recruitment Company proudly welling to help your company anticipate and benefit from the changes happening now and next, in the contemporary world of work.

Whether you are looking for the best talent in your workforce or bright opportunities in your career, contact us today and take advantage of our well established and international recruitment expertise.

Arabian Gulf Recruitment Company established 1997 is recognized as one of Jordan's leading licensed  recruitment consultancies & authorized by Saudi consulate in Amman. Our long list of clients encompasses all of the leading multi-activities firms.  seeking quality human resources from Jordan for various sectors like Medical (Doctors, Nurses), Engineering, Education, IT, Hotel Industry, Sales and Marketing etc.

From our offices in Amman we place candidates throughout Gulf region and beyond, taking full advantage of close relationships with associated offices in Cairo and Syria.

We take pride in our professional approach to the recruitment process, placing great emphasis on integrity, trust and quality of service. It is an approach that has enabled us to build long term relationships with those with whom we do business.

All of our recruiting staff are highly experienced. Together we have vast experience of working in both the recruitment and human resources solutions fields, giving us the ability to understand the particular needs of both candidates and clients.

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